13 Terrible Levels In Otherwise Awesome Video Games

So bad you almost quit.

Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy The High Road
Vicarious Visions

No video game is perfect, and even the very best games might have occasional lulls, dips in quality or simple creative decisions you didn't much care for.

However, these games, all masterpieces as they are, dared to go one further by forcing players to suffer through one atrocious sequence, be it an unfairly difficult mission, an irritating gameplay sequence or a level that just didn't gel with the rest of the game.

These are the levels that were so stamina-draining that they perhaps had you flirting with the idea of abandoning the rest of the game entirely, because life's too short. After all, who's got time to waste on levels clearly intended to shift more controller sales after you inevitably throw yours out the window?

Challenge and diversity are fun aspects of any game, but in these 13 cases, the developers took things too far and risked damn-near ruining otherwise incredible and iconic games.


13. Supply Lines... - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA SAN ANDREAS supply lines

Easily the most infamous and infuriatingly difficult mission from any Grand Theft Auto game, San Andreas' Supply Lines... tasks the player with controlling a remote control plane in order to destroy four vehicles and make it back to Zero's roof in one piece.

The mission gives the player a ludicrously small amount of fuel to get the job done, which combined with the plane's terrible controls and the likelihood that you'll crash or otherwise get blown up, makes it wall-punchingly difficult, and arguably just unfair.

At least it's only an optional mission and later releases of the game increased the amount of fuel, but even so, Supply Lines... is a traumatic memory permanently burned into the brains of an entire generation of gamers.


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