15 Bold Gaming Predictions For 2018

14. Shenmue III Is Delayed Into 2019

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The Prediction: Shenmue III misses its projected Q3/Q4 release date and slides into 2019...sometime.

Why It Will Happen: Recent development videos showing off hideous non-animated faces suggest a game that's still a long ways from being complete.

Plus, considering how long fans have waited, and that director Yu Suzuki isn't answerable to a huge studio who will force him to release Shenmue III early, delaying the game actually wouldn't cause that much pain compared to, say, a conventional AAA release produced in a normal way.

Why It Might Not: Suzuki reiterated at the start of the year that the game's still looking good for a 2018 release. Watch as it's released at the tail-end of December...

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