15 Enjoyably Dumb Things Gamers Do We Can't Explain

14. Abusing Every Slider In Any Character Creation Menu

While sure, plenty of games give you a wealth of customisation options so you can set about creating the idealised version of yourself, players are always going to abuse the system before they settle on the perfect look for their character.

More often than not that means creating the absolute ugliest monster you could possibly imagine, just to see what you can get away with. Abusing each and every single one of the sliders, from the body shape to the jaw line to hair colour and beyond, character customisation options in video games allow players to create some truly memorable abominations.

Ask any group of friends who€™'ve played through a fighting or wrestling game together with their own self-made characters and you can bet they won't have been facing off against pristine versions of themselves. Instead, they'€™d have been the strangest, ugliest characters that the game allows.

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