15 Enjoyably Dumb Things Gamers Do We Can't Explain

Now excuse us while we squat on this corpse.

For as much as gamers would love to think that their favourite pastime is all about pulling off epic killstreaks and getting engrossed in deeply engaging stories, a good portion of the everyday gaming experience is taken up by doing really dumb, unexplainable (yet extremely fun) things.

It's not bad to break this idealised illusion of course, because although a game can build a dense atmosphere and a cinematic sense of tone, they're still - even if only partially at times - at the whims of player agency, meaning gamers can completely break such a serious atmosphere if they so wish.

Everyone does it, even if it's just small things like running rings around NPCs you're forced to follow in a failed attempt to speed them up or trying to jump on top of them if they're blocking the doorway, there are certain universal things all players do in their games that none of us can quite explain.

The beauty of the internet means these embarrassing quirks can now be embraced by like-minded players across the globe. A skilfully told story or a perfectly paced set-piece is all well and good, but what you're supposed to do will never beat the dumb enjoyable things players get up to if they're given the freedom to do so.

15. Punching The Corpses Of Your Fallen Enemies

At some point during a game each and every player will have come across an enemy they just can€™t seem to beat. While it might start out harmless enough, after having to constantly restart because you€™'ve been annihilated twenty times in a row by the same annoying animations means things naturally start to get a bit personal.

Of course you'll eventually win (providing your controller stays in one piece), but even the glorious glow of victory that comes with gaining the upper hand on these frustrating fellows never feels like justice for all the effort you've put into finally besting them.

Obviously you€™'ve got to show them who€™'s boss even after they're dead, no doubt giving their rotting corpse a good slap around or firing a whole clip into their lifeless face as you manically take in the satisfaction of getting your own back. It might seem a bit like overkill in hindsight, but come on, they totally deserved it.

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