17 Last-Gen Video Games That Will Be Viewed As Classics In Years To Come

When you're all playing with your VR, we'll be dusting off these classics.

What would you say was a true gaming classic? Perhaps you€™re fan of that age-old popular choice comprised of big hairdos and square hands, Final Fantasy 7? Maybe you look back fondly on chucking Liquid Snake off the top of Metal Gear Rex in the original MGS, throwing Bowser around by his tail in Mario 64 or transforming into an older version of Link after finally finding the Master Sword in Ocarina of Time? Heck, perhaps you're even more of a nostalgia fiend and consider the classics to be things like gobbling up little yellow pills while being chased by ghosts, bouncing a ball back and forth between two rectangles or lining up little blocks while jamming to a ridiculously catchy theme tune. But what of the games of the previous generation? Spanning nearly a decade, the era of the Playstation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 spawned countless memorable gaming experiences, innovated in ways no one had ever seen and brought gaming to the masses like never before. We€™ve been treated to great experiences, dismal, overhyped nonsense and everything in between, but which of the huge lineup of titles available on these platforms will €“ in years to come €“ be looked back on just as fondly as some of the classics we all reflect on now? Spoilers follow.

Dan Curtis is approximately one-half videogame knowledge, and the other half inexplicable Geordie accent. He's also one quarter of the Factory Sealed Retro Gaming podcast.