27 Biggest WTF Moments In Resident Evil History

Only in the Resident Evil universe could a man fight a boulder and win.

A series which has sold over 60,000,000 copies worldwide since it began back in 1996, Resident Evil is perhaps one of the most beloved video game franchises on the planet. With its intricate story, convoluted mythology and devoted fanbase, the series has spanned over four generations of home consoles, producing an estimated seventy-five titles, including spin-offs, remakes and HD re-releases. Considering the sheer amount of games in the series, you can bet there€™s been a fair share of WTF moments scattered throughout. From Jill sandwiches to poorly executed live-action cut scenes, and from gun-toting zombies to ludicrous quick time events, Resident Evil has had an interesting life these past twenty years. The series has moved from traditional survival horror to action-adventure, from janky polygons to stunningly-rendered 3D environments, and has even made the transition to the big screen. The series turns twenty years old next month, and to celebrate I€™ve comprised a list of the 27 biggest WTF moments, from the very first Resident Evil on PS1 all the way up to Resident Evil 6, and everything in between.

27. That Live Action Intro (Resident Evil 1)

In order to give the original Resident Evil a more cinematic feel, Capcom decided to shoot a live action intro sequence to help set the atmosphere for the game. Unfortunately, they decided to shoot locally, which gave them very few options in regards to actors who could actually speak the English language fluently. Consequently, they pretty much had to use whoever was available, and the result was something truly magical. My favourite moment from this opening sequence comes after Brad Vickers abandons the team and escapes in the helicopter. Stranded, Chris Redfield reaches upward with his hands and shouts €œNo! Don€™t Go!€ which he delivers with all the urgency of a man calling after a waiter who took the wrong order in a busy restaurant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWo0Hhx07Pc

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