8 Secret Video Game Horror Weapons That Broke All The Rules

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Shadows Of The Damned
Grasshopper Manufacture

Creating a horror video game, on the surface seems like a really simple idea, you simply plop your character into a world of trouble and have all manner of ghoulies attempt to turn their insides to... outsides. One need only glance at the horror section on Steam to see countless examples of jump scares, body horror and all other forms of nastiness, but while it might be an easy market to exploit, crafting a worthy horror game is much much harder.

It all revolves around empowerment, as while many other genres of video games seek to act as psudo-power fantasies, Horror on the other hand seeks to remove any sense of power that the players might have in order to make the threat of zombies, aliens, or ghosts carry greater impact.

However as even these games go, just because you're successful at creating fear and dread within the player, it doesn't mean you can't have some fun doing so, as the weapons on this list, well they broke all the Survival Horror or Gothic doom rules, and we love them all the more for it.


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8. Sexy Beam - Silent Hill 3

Shadows Of The Damned

One of the best things about the Silent Hill series is that every game explores a different set of psychological fears. From Silent Hill 2 showcasing sexual repression and guilt, to Homecomings attempts to reflect trauma and PTSD, enemies and bosses all come to reflect dark aspects of the humany psyche.

And Silent Hill 3 is no different, lambasting consumerism and sexual assault in a truly terrifying way. Which makes it all the more strange that you can not only unlock a Sailor Moon inspired costume for protagonist Heather, but when combined with another unlockable known as The Heather Beam, allows you to create...the Sexy Beam.

To better explain, by tying in PRINCESSHEART into a typewritter you get the ability to don the new costume, and by killing 333 enemies you gain access to the Heather Beam, a psychic laser of sorts that Heather can use to battle the enemies of the game.

If you've got the Heather Beam unlocked before transforming into Princess Heart, you gain access to an upraded version which can fire off even more, hear shaped lasers, and allows Heather to run without getting tired. In one fell swoop the game completely changes as now you can banter off all comers while legging it away if things get too much.

It goes without saying that this is all very strange.


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