8 Secret Video Game Horror Weapons That Broke All The Rules

7. Hand Cannon - Dead Space 2

Shadows Of The Damned

As anyone who's played Dead Space will know, this games monumental success comes not just for its fantastic enemy design, but also it's carefully designed environments that seek to provoke a sense of claustrophobic dread in the player.

Each hallyway is crafted so that danger could burst out from every corner, the lighting is inconsistent causing you to falter under flickering or fading glows, and each sound of clattering claws and apendeges are NOW DROWNED OUT BY ISAAC CLARKE MAKING GUN NOISES AS HE PISSES ABOUT WITH A FOAM FINGER?

You can see how the Hand Cannon kinda shatters the tone of the game right? This literal finger gun can be unlocked by completing the game on Hard Core mode and trust me it is entirely worth the struggle to do so, as this weapon not only kicks ass but is hilarious to use as well.

With it equipped you'll tear through necromorphs like they're wet bread and you'll get the accompanying sound of Isaac going "bang bang" and "pew pew". It's also got unlimited ammo meaning that nothing will stand in your way. It's a shame you get this so late in your time with Dead Space 2 but then again it's so funny it's worth another trip just to see it in action.


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