8 Times Gaming Critics Got It Completely Wrong

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Opinions are like arseholes, everyone got one, and in this day and age thanks to the internet basically everyone can find a platform to spout their love or as is more likely the case hate, for video games up and down the board. Yet despite the deluge of fan-made reviews, there are some who still hold review outlets for video games in high regard, seeing their opinion as the be-all and end-all of the subjects when it comes to which games to play and which to avoid.

That's quite a lot of pressure right? With a simple flex of the thumb, these reviews can doom a title to obscurity or raise it up out of the muck for the world to see. Yet as these reviewers are also humans, of course from time to time, mistakes are made.

Enter these reviews, which showcased how great the divide between one person's opinion and the majority of others really is. From paid off reviews to misunderstanding core gameplay elements, these critics dropped absolute clangers that served only to place them in the firing lines of fans around the world.

8. Alien Isolation's "Unpredictable AI"

gaming critics

We begin with something that still makes me chuckle to this day even so many years after Alien: Isolation dropped on the scene and caused us to do some emergency drops in our spacesuits.

Now if you ask pretty much anyone what they thought about this phenomenal survival horror sci-fi game, they'd probably tell you...well...that it's a phenomenal survival horror sci-fi game, complete with brilliantly tense hide n' seek scenes, thrilling and desperate escapes, and so much love and respect for the source material that you might have to wipe the kiss marks off the screen.

Yet for some reason, this title only garnered a 5.9 from IGN who stated that the game wasn't up to scratch thanks to "Unpredictable AI". Oh dear, what an absolute clanger of a comment seeing as the A.I mechanics here for the xenomorph especially were championed as some of the best in gaming history. With its two brains that talk to one another during gameplay, the Xenomorph homes in on you ramping the tension up at every moment and makes sure you can't just hide in the same spot over and over.

Yet for IGN, this was a negative, possibly saying more about the reviewer's playstyle more than anything wrong with the game. Needless to say, the negative review stuck out like a sore thumb and gamers obliterated the comments in online forums.

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