8 Video Game Characters You Should NEVER TRUST

7. Kasumi - The Revenge Of Shinobi

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It should really go without saying that trusting a ninja is probably not a great idea in the long run.

Even if they claim to protect you from the shadows, the fact that they are literally murderers for hire probably means that your life is just one fat payday to them should someone be willing to stump up the cash, and in this economy, they'd probably do it for a bag of chips and a crisp twenty-pound note.

However inversely there's one figure of society that we can all agree to trust and that's the humble and devout nun right? Right?

Well if The Revenge Of Shinobi is anything to go by you should start punching every nun in the face the moment you see them, as in this game they're actually female ninjas called Kasumi in disguise! At first, the player won't be able to attack the nun appearing on screen and who seems content to walk by the death and destruction all around her, but the moment she moves behind our hero she will throw off the disguise and attack!

I mean we should have really seen this coming, it's like that shooting gallery scene in Men In Black, as here we have to ask ourselves, why would a nun be here of all places? And why would she be so calm about the bodies being strewn about the screen? Something was fishy from the off and we're having nun of it.


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