8 Video Game Characters You Should NEVER TRUST

Ouch. My heart.

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They say that trust is a two-way street, that it's something difficult to earn and easy to break, and boy howdy do video games have a shaky relationship with the entire concept.

From deadlines being missed after being guaranteed "for real this time guys" that they would be out on time, to pre-orders scooping your wallet clean only to dole out soft serve "chocolate" that smells like a toilet bowl in terms of what was promised, video games have forever been trying to rebuild a bridge that they themselves are so insistent on blowing up.

Still, even away from real-world anguish, things are even worse within the titles themselves, as here you'll come across a cavalcade of characters that you should never, under any circumstances, trust

8. Albert Wesker - Resident Evil Franchise

marvels midnight suns mephisto

Seriously you have to ask yourself, why would anyone trust Albert Wesker?

I mean the guy has a chronic backstabbing disorder for how many times he's absolutely sold his former teammates, employers, and even other villains down the river on a boat made of him flipping them off. Absolute power is all this man desires and he will do anything in order to achieve his goals, and at the end of the day if billions have to die in order for him to get a new pair of shades then you best believe he's crossing a fair few names off his Xmas card list.

So why do people keep falling for it?

Well, the obvious answer is that they're idiots in many cases, but if we're being more charitable it's because Wesker literally leaves zero survivors of his prior betrayals outside the main heroes and hides his presence so well within multiple organizations that many literally don't know who they're dealing with until it's too late.

However, as soon as that glorious blonde hairdo reveals itself one should be looking for the exit quick sharp, making those that stay in his company for a crumb of his power utter fools who will end up being just pawns in his game.


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