8 Video Games That Reward You For Doing NOTHING

4. Ending B - Dead Rising

dead rising

Dead Rising is a franchise that is equal parts hilarious and equal parts terrifying adrenaline rush.

While it's a right laugh to rock up in a cutscene wearing all manner of crazy clothes and then turn enemies into mulch with over-the-top weaponry, things get more tense when you're dashing from location to location, herding idiotic NPC's and fending off the undead. Given you have nothing but a ping pong ball shooter and a glass of Orange Juice to your name, that clock always ticking down becomes a waking nightmare.

However, it's actually this accursed clock that can end up gifting players one of the easiest gaming experiences known to man, as if you simply let Frank while away the hours by doing nothing, the game will award you the B ranked ending.

Now while it's not the best ending and obviously means you miss out on all the fun, when you consider that you could do WORSE by engaging with the plot, it does seem pretty appealing!

Plus now you can use the 50,000 XP you gained to level up Frank and get a better start on your next run! it's a win-win!

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