Fallout 76: 10 New Gameplay Details You Need To Know

6. Super Mutants Are Confirmed To Return (Kinda)

Fallout 76 Mutants

Though it might be a no-brainer that Super Mutants would show up in Fallout 76 - after all, they're a staple of the series, especially the releases developed by Bethesda - the time period the spinoff is set in is actually a mere year after the abominations have been created.

Consequently, many fans prior to the official unveiling expected Super Mutants to either only show up in 76 in a limited capacity, or actually give the game a miss entirely. That doesn't seem to be happening though, with hordes of them being spotted in the trailers released so far, making it clear that they'll pose a major threat to your mission.

The lack of Super Mutants - or dealing with the very first ones - could have provided an interesting spin on the canon and really drove home the idea that you are an early pioneer of this new world, but it looks as though the spinoff is going to go down a far more conventional Fallout route.

Still, the ones glimpsed in the trailer do look slightly different, and there has been the suggestion that these will actually be simply called "Mutants", losing the "Super" counterparts.

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