FIFA 19: 10 Changes To Be Most Excited About

10. Tactical Depth

EA Sports

...especially if you're a budding tactical genius.

EA are taking tactics seriously this year. There will be no more "Park The Bus" when you're 1-0 up with five minutes to go, and the days of using the same tactical approach against every single opponent look to be finished too. That's a good thing, because it's more realistic.

Top coaches like Pep Guardiola don't just throw their team out there without careful planning. If they played the exact same way every match, rivals would soon figure them out and they'd be on the receiving end of an absolute thrashing. In a game that takes simulation seriously, like FIFA often does, that should also be the case.

In 19, prepare yourselves to have a think before those crunch games in Europe or in the lead up to key Premier League fixtures. Now, how you set up the team actually matters, and that's a change that's overdue as well as exciting.

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