FIFA 19: 10 Changes To Be Most Excited About

9. Timed Finishing

EA Sports

The snappy-sounding "Timed Finishing" mechanic could either bring back the days of net-bursting goodness from impossible range or be an outright disaster that turns games into long-shot marathons without any build up play. It's all about balance, and EA have promised it.

It won't become clear until people sit down with the game just how important a side feature this is. Press the shoot button at the wrong second, and your shots will fly into Row Z rather than the top bag. The only way to avoid such embarrassment is to get the timing down. Think volleys, and how they've always worked in FIFA anyway.

Not a huge change then, but one that could make gameplay more fun.

The risk and reward system EA are touting sounds decent, and it could result in some of those fist-pumping moments when timed shots come off in the heat of battle or turn a game on its head. Besides, having some arcade-y fun isn't a bad thing.

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