GTA 6: 10 Things From GTA 5 That Must Stay

10. That Huge Map


GTA 5 was huge.

Every square inch felt packed with things to do, there was some sweet variety in the terrain and exploring off the beaten path was rewarding. That's what a Grand Theft Auto game on modern consoles should feel like, and it's imperative 6 has the same depth.

There's no chance Rockstar will reduce the sandbox next time around, so relax. If anything, the world class team they've assembled (seriously, Rockstar are like gaming's equivalent of The Avengers) will up the ante and expand on what they've already created.

That means more map, and that should make every GTA fan happy. If expansion without sacrificing quality proves too much of a stretch though, we wouldn't bat an eyelid if Rockstar simply lifted the scale from 5 and plonked it down as a template for the next game.

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