GTA 6: 10 Things From GTA 5 That Must Stay

Multiple protagonists are the present AND the future.


GTA 6 has a lot to live up to. Back in 2013, GTA 5 provided gamers with the biggest, baddest and best version of Rockstar's murder sandbox to date. There were 3 protagonists (each one catering to a different play style), for crying out loud. It was huge.

Now, we know 6 probably won't ship until 2020, and that's being super hopeful. More realistically, the game will come out in 2021/2022, meaning there's still a good 3 year wait until we'll be gallivanting around the place listening to V-Rock or West Coast Classics again.

Waiting for GTA is like waiting for Christmas however, and it's amazing to think there's such hype for a game that's 3/4 years away when people are still playing the last one. That's a captive audience. GTA fans adore 5 because it did Grand Theft Auto on a grander scale than before and realised all those 3D playground dreams first teased in 2001's GTA III.

As for 6, well it better follow 5's lead and not stray too far from some of the things that made it GTA heaven...

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