GTA V: 5 Features We Don't Want To See

A hot topic at the moment is Rockstar's upcoming Grand Theft Auto V, and it currently takes the cake as my most anticipated thing ever. All fans talk about is what they want in GTAV, but what don't we want? I mean, surely something might go wrong and a few little things about the game will annoy us. It's happened before in GTA's past, where one or two features has driven a small amount of players away from the game. Things like GTA4's driving and Chinatown Wars' top down view come to mind. Here's a list of things Rockstar needs to avoid to make GTAV better than it will be. There are several things included in GTA4 that got grindy or even frustrating after several hours of play, so here's a list of things that Rockstar needs to avoid. Despite some of GTA4's shortcomings, it's still officially, as determined by Metacritic, the best game of all time. There is a reason it's score on console is 98! A whopping 98. When it came out, it was revolutionary with new open world gameplay, unreal graphics and a great story. Even though it was so great, even great games have their issues. And hopefully GTAV will fix them.

5. Multiple Protagonists

There has been a lot of rumours circling around about this, and Rockstar is still hesitant to show any evidence in screens as to who we play as. Some say it feeds this evidence, others say it's just them being vague. Either way, this is one rumour that I hope never comes true. GTA stories past have always been about the characters, and mainly the one we play as. If Rockstar puts in more than one playable character, then each will need to have a deep story and have enough play time. But that raises another issue. What if I am forced to play with the protagonist that I hate for long periods of time. That would mean that I am enjoying parts of the game more than others, and may even give up on playing it part way through. I really don't know how this could work, if Rockstar did do it. I'm sure they could pull it off, they are among the most talented in the industry. If it IS going in, I hope that we could pick once per playthrough and not have the game pick for us, kind of like the DLC for GTA4. And this leads very nicely into my next point.

I live in Australia, love to write and play games. So what better than writing about games? I love all things action and fantasy, as well as my occasional shooter. I literally cannot wait for GTAV!