Star Wars: 10 Best Starfighter Games You Need To Play

10. Various Star Wars Games - Starfighter Levels


This one is a bit of a cheat. There have been dozens of Star Wars video games; many of those included a starfighter section. The best of these are noted here.

Star Wars : Shadows of the Empire was an attempt to introduce a new character, Dash Rendar, to the fold. Dash never caught on, however, the game's level recreating the Battle of Hoth was praised for its graphics, gameplay, and for telling the event from a non-Skywalker perspective.

The Star Wars: Battlefront series mixes dogfight action into first-person gameplay. The 2005 Battlefront gave you four minor starfighter missions that were a refreshing change from running around on foot. By the time DICE took over the series in 2015, starfighter combat was more integrated into the game, allowing for both instant action and multiplayer, with quick to grasp controls that let you pilot a variety of ships from all factions from the Republic and Separatists, to the Empire and Rebel Alliance.

Star Wars Arcade Trilogy cabinets let you play one iconic fighter mission from each of the original movies. While the missions themselves are nothing new for Star Wars fans, the game's very simple controls, excellent graphics, and stereo sound let you focus on being involved in an experience, not fiddling with twitchy gameplay.

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