Warhammer 40K: Which Chaos Faction Should You Pick?

Death to the False Emperor!

Games Workshop

Welcome new devotees to the Pantheon of the Dark Gods. With these first steps down the eightfold path there are many avenues for you to take. Will it lead to the “loving” embrace of Prince of pleasure or will you tread the hallowed halls of knowledge within the Black Library of Tzeentch?

Whatever you desire, the Dark Gods readily offer. They care little for the mortal realm and the weakness of real-world flesh… All they need is your reverence. Your worship empowers them as they continue the endless dance of the Great Game.

Or will you shun the very concept of separate Gods and worship them as the four aspects of one almighty being. Chaos incarnate?

Before you pledge your soul (and wallet) to Chaos let this guide give you some useful information about the playstyles of the various factions that are in bed with the Pantheon.


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