WWE 2K16: New Raise Some Hell Trailer Released

Arnie. Looks. Sensational.

IGN has released the latest trailer for WWE 2K16, titled Raise Some Hell. The trailer - which, uses Audioslave's Cochise as its backing track - features almost every superstar in the game, gives us a quick run through of the Stone Cold Steve Austin mode, and also appears to show what Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator entrances will look like. One sees Arnie rising out of the staging area (almost naked but not quite), while the other sees him arrive on the scene looking like a latecomer to an Undertaker biker party circa 2001. The other main talking point is a D-Generation X bit where both Shawn Michaels and Triple H are in the ring. This presumably as part of the Stone Cold mode when Austin took on The Heartbreak Kid at WrestleMania XIV. As for the Austin mode, we see Steve grappling with the likes of Mr McMahon, Dude Love, and The Undertaker; while the spot that saw The Rock film The Texas Rattlesnake with a ringside camera before being Stunned through the announce table at Backlash 1999 is recreated to perfection. This trailer only raises anticipation levels even further ahead of the game's release on October 27!
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