10 Amazing Rock Songs Not Sung By The Lead Singer

9. Shock Me - KISS

It's never easy to nail down who is the lead singer of KISS given the group's dynamic. While it would be easy to call Paul Stanley the frontman since he talks to the crowd so often, they always envisioned the band to be a hard rock version of the Beatles, with every single member sharing the mic throughout an album. Ace Frehley was always the hold out though, until one of his songs hit a little too close to home.

Prior to the album Love Gun, Ace would always be too timid to sing his own songs, often just giving tracks like Strange Ways or Parasite to Gene Simmons and Peter Criss to sing instead. After a mishap at a show where he got zapped while climbing down a platform though, Ace wrote Shock Me as a direct result, which fit in perfectly with his Spaceman persona.

Even when it came time to actually record the vocal, he still wasn't fully ready for it, which ended with him singing most of the song lying down on the studio floor with the microphone positioned right by his mouth. Then again, this might be the definitive Ace song throughout every version of KISS that he was a part of. His voice might not be as hard hitting as Gene or Paul, but you can always hear that street punk attitude in every single word that comes out of his mouth.

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