10 Biggest Mistakes In Rock Music History

Making Screwups Famous.

metallica master of puppets

Most of the greatest rock stars in the world feel like gods among men. Since these are the people that created some of the heaviest riffs imaginable, it's almost as if you don't breathe the same air as acts like Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith. Then again, everyone is still human, and even the gods of rock can screw up every now and again.

Across every single decade, there have been many classic songs with glaring errors right in the middle of the track. Sometimes it may have been just a bad production job, but other times it might have been some mistake that happened while the tape was rolling. Even though most of us would want to make the greatest music that we can, a lot of these songs actually benefit from the technical mistakes. When you really think about it, the reason why these songs don't sound like anybody else is because of those mistakes, which give their own unique character to the tracks they're a part of.

Hell, some of them become so popular that they become the main draw of the song. For any struggling musician, it's almost comforting to see something like this. Even when you screw up, you can find yourself going down in history anyway.

10. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite - REM

The '90s are where we start to enter the more mature phase of REM's career. After spending the better part of the '80s trying to figure out just what the hell Michael Stipe was saying, this was the era where they became musical legends, putting themselves up with Nirvana as one of the kings of alternative music. That didn't mean that they weren't above a few rough edges though.

Throughout Automatic for the People, you can feel that there is a renewed sense of maturity, and then you get the Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite and everything gets thrown out the window. The song itself isn't bad in the slightest, featuring one of the catchiest melodies on the record and a return to the incomprehensible stuff with the rapid fire "Call me when you try to wake her" chorus.

It would seem that Michael himself ended up having some issues with the lyrics though, since after he goes on a long verse and ending it with a barb at Dr. Suess, you can him hear him laughing and screwing up the first part of the chorus before it comes in. Compared to the usual foulups, this just feels like the guys shooting the breeze and having fun. Even though they may have lost their youthful energy here and there, they sure hadn't lost their charm after a decade in the game.

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