10 Classic Rock Albums With Only One Bad Song

8. Kissin Time - KISS

Dealing with shady business practices is pretty much the nature of the beast in the rock industry. Hell, if there was anyone who knew the nature of the sleazy music business, you'd think it would be Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, both of whom seem more like businessmen these days than actual musicians. On their first record though, they somehow managed to let that seedy side of the industry show up on the record.

Although most of KISS' debut album features songs that would build the empire of fans that we know today, Kissin Time just feels like something that was tacked on to finish up the album. And that's because it is. Thinking that the record wouldn't sell well, the band's label actually made them record this piece of '70s cheese to see if they could make a desperate plea for the radio rock crowd.

While Ace Frehley does try to at least save the song a little bit with his fiery lead licks, this is not the kind of song that you'd associate with people like the Demon or Starchild. If anything, this is the kind of song that you have the Partridge Family sing if you wanted them to sound edgy. KISS had a long way to go before they were true legends, but the dollar store discount version of shock rock was definitely not a promising future.


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