10 Most Hated Albums In Rock Music History

8. Scars and Souvenirs - Theory of a Deadman

Most people clicking on a list of some of the most hated albums in the rock category is probably going to expect an appearance from Nickelback. And trust me, we're going to get to those Canadian gods of rock eventually, but there's a little bit of catch. Because you know what's a little bit worse than being Nickelback? It's being a knockoff version of the band that already had a pretty polarizing reputation.

Such is the case with Scars and Souvenirs by Theory of a Deadman, which has had some of the biggest singles of their career as well as some of the worst writing of the '00s. Aside from the macho posturing that Tyler Connolly puts on in almost every single song, the actual lyrics are a lot more whiny, with Hate My Life and Bad Girlfriend being closer to the more insufferable sections of the pop punk genre, where people were whining and complaining about nothing.

There are also more than a few parts of this album that are a lot more creepy than they let on, like Bad Girlfriend, which is an ode to Connolly's wife and a song that should stay faaaar away from any wedding playlist. The only reason this isn't higher on the list is just the low expectations. Nickelback may have had potential in the early days, but most people already knew what they were getting from the discount version of Chad Kroeger.

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