10 Most Hated Albums In Rock Music History

5. Chinese Democracy - Guns N Roses

One of the biggest strengths that an artist has in their arsenal is anticipation. After you come out with one great album after another, keeping your fans itching for more is one of the best ways to keep you in the spotlight. Though there have been many times when people like Kanye have delayed albums to build up hype, the hype surrounding Chinese Democracy was just enough to kill it.

You have to remember that this record took over a decade to actually complete, with no original member of Guns N Roses except for Axl Rose performing on it. Pulling in guitarists and musicians from all different stripes of rock music, this album really does sound like a hodgepodge, going between vocal takes that sound like they could have been recorded at completely different times. Speaking of time, that can also play tricks on your voice, and you can practically hear Axl's voice aging mid song at some points.

Though the guitar solos from people like Bumblefoot and Buckethead are beyond choice, having spent over a million dollars on the album and leading the fans on like this has left everyone with a sour taste surrounding this album. I mean, you had over a decade to put something out, and we had to wait all that time just for this?

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