10 Most Insane Controversies In Rock And Roll Music

Dangerous Side of Rock.

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Rock and roll was not necessarily meant to be a genre for everybody. In the early days when it was just finding its sea legs, this was the kind of music that parents were repulsed by, thinking that it would lead to only trouble for every single one of their children. It all comes down to the music at the end of the day though, but things tend to go overboard every now and again.

As rock and roll progressed, there have been so many controversies surrounding artists that it's hard to even keep track of them. From prison time to accusations of being in league with the devil, these are the kind of things that struck fear in the hearts of moms everywhere and had them concerned for their children every time they put on their headphones. But were they all really that bad?

Going through all of these, we're going to tackle what led up to these media stunts and whether or not they warranted the outright scorn that these artists eventually got. Rock and roll might all be well and good as music, but it gets that much more complicated when you get the darker side of life involved. Forget the fun and games, this is where things start to get a lot more real.

10. The Doors In New Haven - Jim Morrison

Nothing that Jim Morrison has ever done could really be considered all that normal in rock and roll. Though he may have set the template for what most modern rock stars like to idolize in frontmen, his schtick as the tortured rock star poet wasn't exactly for the most PC audience whenever he stepped onto the stage. And when they pulled into New Haven for a show, Morrison wasn't really taken too kindly by some of the security that night.

Before the show had even started, Jim was backstage with a lady friend before being told that he couldn't be backstage by a cop. Not recognizing him as the lead singer of the band, the officer was having none of Jim's excuses and ended up macing him before he went back into the dressing room. After the gentleman apologized for attacking Morrison because he didn't know who he was, Jim was still pretty pissed, thinking that it was a pretty scumbag decision for the man to imply that he would have gotten maced if he wasn't a member of the Doors.

Jim is known to say what's on his mind onstage though, and halfway through one of their songs he goes on one of his poetic rants, only to flip the verses to just telling the story of what had just gone down, calling the officer a little blue pig who assaulted him. After he said that these officers were willing to attack some people in the crowd, all of the security turned to face Morrison, quickly taking him off the stage and informing the crowd that the show was over. Morrison did live up to his nasty reputation though, and even managed to get a sly jab in at them again on record in the song Peace Frog.

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