10 Music Moments That Shocked The World

8. Keith Richards Snorts His Father's Ashes

Woodstock 99
Chris Pizzello/AP

Keith Richards has turned into the poster-child for the sleazy rock n roll lifestyle.

While best known for being the unmistakable guitarist in the Rolling Stones, ol' Keef's drug abuse over the years could have had a top ten list of its own. From drug busts to drunken stupors to getting a new blood supply, Richards has truly seen it all. But how far did he go to get a high?

When being interviewed about his drug habits, Richards said the weirdest drug he ingested was... his father.

In an attempt to find narcotics one day, he took the urn of his father's cremated ashes and snorted them instead. Many people have speculated as to whether the story is actually true, but Richards has remained particularly tight-lipped about the legitimacy as of late.

As the Stones continue to tour today, Richards has developed an Iron Man status due to his physical resilience, despite the abuse he's given his body.

At the end of the day, the apocalypse will come and all that will be left are Keef and cockroaches to see it all unfold.

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