10 Rock Albums That Haven't Aged Well At All

9. Hold Your Fire - Rush

Once MTV invaded all of our homes, there was a pretty strong dividing line between bands that were able to adapt to the times and those who were going to remain fixtures of the '70s and ride the nostalgia circuit for the rest of their days. As much as some bands like Blue Oyster Cult may have sold a bunch of records in their time, most of their biggest moments seemed to be snuffed out once the neon age came in. Rush were going to be able to weather the storm though...just not with the most timeless sounds in the world.

Going through every one of the Canadian trio's '80s output, you can hear them slowly turning themselves into a more pop friendly outfit, with Power Windows being one of the few records in their career where the guitars actually take a back seat. While they may have looked like a prog rock version of A Flock of Seagulls, Hold Your Fire is where the real questionable decisions started to happen.

After getting the regular synth sounds out of their system, this album's toying with different jazz textures and way too many overdubs makes the whole thing sound like a mess, almost veering closer to the Phil Collins stripe of music than to anything slightly related to prog. There's more than enough quality Rush music on an album like this, but just look at the video for Time Stand Still and I dare you to say that it stands the test of time.

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