10 Totally Unique Locations For Music Concerts

Being on a stage is way too mainstream. It's all about edge now.


It doesn't matter how good a band is on record, if they can't perform on stage, they're not going to hit it big.

Bands and artists need to be able to produce the same energy and excitement in person, to avoid a sense hypocrisy damaging their image. In fact, it's even more important for newer bands as it'll be many people's first experience of them when they're occupying a support slot for another act.

For some people however, a good live show just isn't enough. They need to produce a performance that will get the entire world talking, for better or worse. And while light shows and pyro certainly excite, sometimes it needs a bit more.

There are many artists that pride themselves on eccentric performances. Thankfully though, not everyone goes as far as all-girl grunge outfit L7 at Reading '92 when lead single Donita Sparks launched her used tampon into the crowd.

KISS regularly set everything on fire and use their tongues like lassos, Kanye West likes to fist bump Jesus, and what Rammstein concert isn't complete without a dildo cannon?

The acts on this list break through their own normality to deliver a performance that changed expectations and set new heights for themselves.

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