10 Worst Performances In Rock Music History

4. Woodstock '99

The late '90s really does feel like a decade of its own. After the lowdown and dirty sounds of grunge stopped taking over the airwaves, it looked like people were starting to have fun again in rock, from the Britpop movement kicking into high gear to the traces of power pop coming back into the mix with Blink 182. There was still room for aggro music though, and the carnage of Woodstock '99 marked the moment when the '90s officially died.

You have to remember this was around the time of nu metal, and the main headliners for that year were Korn and Limp Bizkit. As much as those bands might have clashed with the original Woodstock lineup, Korn killed it their opening night, only for everything to go wrong went Limp Bizkit took to the stage. Looking to whip the crowd into a frenzy from the word go, Fred Durst got raw on the song Break Stuff, encouraging the fans to let all of their negative emotions out in whatever way they can.

What may have been a signal to start moshing ended up going in the opposite direction real quick, with fans ripping plywood off the sides of the stage, starting bonfires and committing sexual assaults in the middle of the crowd. Compared to where we started with the sounds of grunge at the beginning of the decade, this is the kind of disrespect between band in crowd that no one could come back from. Somewhere out in the stratosphere, Kurt Cobain is probably still shaking his head in disbelief at what happened here.


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