20 Greatest Electronic Music Albums Of All Time

Electronic music can be so much more than just mindless repetitive beats...

Mankind first began tinkering with the possibilities of employing electronic instruments to create music over a hundred years ago, with Elisha Gray's presentation of the electromechanical oscillator marking a turning point in the merging of science and music. While there were plenty more experiments and inventions related to electronic music in the first half of the 20th century, and a huge flurry of activity after the Second World War as electronics began to take off in style, it wasn't until the release of Moog's synthesizers that electronic music began to take off in popular culture, where they were integrated into rock bands and were particularly popular in progressive rock circles. To the uninitiated it's easy to see electronic music as mindless noise, and the kind of mainstream dance music often played on radio stations certainly goes some way to perpetuating this impression. But as with all music genres, if you delve beneath the surface and explore what's going off in the various underground scenes you soon discover a world of great music where experimental, genre-defying music of the very highest order is produced. The following list takes a look at 20 of the very best albums electronic music has to offer. This is far more than just mindless, repetitive beats.
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