Top 5 Alt-Rock Pioneers

Godfathers of the Modern Counterculture.

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Alternative rock has been a fairly new arrival in the pantheon of rock music. While initially finding steam in the 80's, the genre saw an intense surge in the 90's, with bands as diverse as Radiohead, Nirvana, and Rage Against the Machine all being labeled as "alternative" music acts. Now it seems that alternative music is so big that people are forgetting what the music is an alternative to.

Regardless, many of these acts would not be around today if it wasn't for these alternative acts of old to lay the groundwork. The artists compiled here are examples of people who helped define what the alternative scene was to become in later years. Whether it be through sound, image, or general aesthetic, each of these artists had that extra ingredient that caught the eye of many artists from the Nineties to the present day, and have since been recognized as musical groundbreakers.

This list is a look back to a time when alternative was a genre quietly mentioned in the underground. Once these artists broke on the scene, it was okay for all artists to break into the woodwork by being themselves despite what may be popular at the time.

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