10 Hidden Gems From Edinburgh Festival 2019

2. Becky Brunning - Bloom

Becky Brunning is a quirky, offbeat comedian which might disguise just how much craft and skill lies behind her off kilter performances.

There is, however, no way to disguise how funny those performances are. The title may well be alluding to something else but Brunning is a talent very much in bloom this year.

In this, her third solo show, the West Country comic talks about how she got “accidentally gay-married” and is now feeling the pressure of a biological clock ticking down.

Engaging and smart, Brunning handles her tale’s emotional beats with a deft self assurance and maintains a lightness of touch where others might be heavy handed.

Brunning is still best known for her performance in ITV’s hit show Broadchurch and her acting ability is there in the nuances of her comic delivery. Surely her reputation as a comic will only grow to match her successes in the acting world.


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