10 Mysteries That Apparently Exist Solely To Mess With You

8. 'Time Traveller' Photographs

Time Traveller
[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

A category of so-called 'time traveller photographs' exists, seemingly to discombobulate mankind's collective sense of reality, and new ones seem to turn up all the time.

These photographs depict people using modern technology or dress, in a time period where such things shouldn't exist.

The best-known of these is of a hipster dude in shades, hoodie and t-shirt at the opening of a bridge in 1941, when presumably bridge openings were where all the cool kids hung out. Another one is footage from the premier of Charlie Chaplin movie The Circus, which allegedly shows a woman using a mobile phone in 1928.

These photographs all have rational explanations - sunglasses existed in 1941, the Chaplin thing is probably a form of hearing aid - cheerfully trotted out by buzzkillers everywhere.

But the combination of events that created such strange photographic anomalies suggests that some cosmic entity really is just messing with us.


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