30 Images That Will Restore Your Faith In England

World Cup got you down? Well read this!

As a country, England is going through something of a rough patch. The combined effects of economic instability, a distrust of our politicians and the typically bad English weather have all led to our little island going through a turbulent few years. To make matters worse, England's woeful World Cup stint meant that even the prospect of some footballing heroics in Brazil wouldn't lift our spirits. House prices may be sky-high and the football squad may end up coming back from Brazil without a single victory but this shouldn't mean that we lose faith in our country and the many great things it stands for. From the trivial to the grand, the comic to the magnificent; there are many things to love about our sceptered isle €“ this is what keeps us loving our country in spite of its atrocious weather, political scandals and weird fascination with celebrity culture. The issues with England will come and go but many of the things which are most endearing about our country will remain, unspoiled. Every time our frustration with England builds all it takes is the memory of one of these beloved things to restore our faith in our country. Here are the 30 things that will restore your faith in England:

30. Wholesale Clearance UK

... because this Dorset-based company proved that we're all capable of making mistakes €“ not just our horrendous international team. In a move Del Boy would be proud of they tried selling Barack Obama World Cup mugs made in error. It's clear who the mug here is...

29. Pound Sterling

... because we're yet to convert to this Monopoly money...
... and you can turn the queen into Amy Winehouse on all our banknotes.

28. Reduced Snacks

... because while this little blighter might have doubled in price...
... discerning shoppers can still make 10p secure some scrumptious snacks.

27. One Direction Lose

... because the public managed to resist the charms of five knock-off Justin Biebers. You can practically see the vengeful glint in Harry Styles' eye. They were pipped to the post by Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson. No €“ we don't know who they are either.
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