5 Best Smartwatches You Can Buy In 2015

Can any of these replace that Digital Casio on your wrist?

The smartwatch market is currently mid-explosion, accelerated in recent months by the release of the Apple Watch which - love it or hate it - has truly drawn the world's attention to wrist-based technologies. Earlier this year, the Apple Watch bagged 75 percent of all smartwatch sales, leaving rivals who'd been in the market for longer - like Motorola, Samsung and Pebble - wondering where they went wrong. Apple's dominating the smartwatch market, sure, but Apple dominates everything it touches so we shouldn't let that hide the fact that there are other fantastic devices out there. Whether you want your device to be a waterproof running partner with GPS, or a bold, stylish device of leather and steel that doesn't look like a smartwatch until you tap its screen, there is a cornucopia of options available. Maybe you're asking yourself whether you even need a smartwatch. Do you really need notifications on your wrist telling you about what's happening on the phone in your pocket? Do you want to give voice commands to your wrist in public? Do you want to be aware of time all the time, and does time even have any meaning? All valid questions. While I can't promise to answer all of them, the following list of reveals the coolest features, the best prices, and the most elegant designs you can find on smartwatches today, giving you an idea of whether these devices might add some value to your life.
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