5 Reasons You Must Visit Universal Orlando Resort In 2019

There isn't a bad year to visit, but 2019 has a glitter farting troll!

This year is set to be huge for Universal Orlando Resort!

There's a brand new hotel being opened, parties to celebrate and even new sparkly characters to meet. If that's not enough for you then how about a brand new Harry Potter rollercoaster?

2019 is destined to be a big year for the resort, so here's everything that you need to know about all the exciting things you need to check out at Universal...

5. Mardi Gras

Universal Orlando Resort Mardis Gras
Universal Orlando

Currently running now until 4th April, Mardi Gras is arguably Universal Orlando's most colourful festival.

Just like in New Orleans, each year Universal has a nightly parade with brand new. 2019 is the year of Party Animals so the floats are inspired by the animal kingdom. There's a float inspired by animals who live in icy climates, jungles and of course a Bayou/swamp inspired float.

The parade has lively music, tons of confetti and of course in true Mardi Gras style there are beads a plenty! Lucky chosen guests and team members will throw beads from the floats as they pass along the parade route, so you can grab a free souvenir as you watch the parade.

On special nights you can also catch live concerts in Universal Studios Florida; this year's line up includes Macklemore, Pitbull and Sean Paul. The good news is that you don't have to buy a separate ticket to enjoy these concerts, they are included as part of general admission.

Universal Orlando Mardi Gras
Universal Orlando

If you aren't around for the concert nights, it doesn't mean there won't be plenty of Mardi Gras fun to be had. As well as the parade floats there's dancers and stilt walkers. You can also catch a number of different Big Easy bands playing each day in the French Quarter area.

It also wouldn't be a party without food and drinks! Universal have released special alcoholic cocktails including Ragin Rumbalaya, Carnival Cocktail and Vicious VooDoo. There's also New Orleans themed bites such as Catfish Po Boy, Jambalaya and of course Beignets. There's so much delicious food that this year Universal have even offered a Mardi Gras Tasting Lanyard where you can get a number of items for a set price.

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