10 Worst Things Cyclops Has Ever Done

Have you considered maybe not cheating on Jean, Scott?!
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10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About Cyclops

There's a lot more to Scott Summers than flashy eye beams and dead wife's.
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Cyclops

Not quite as powerful (or as dead) as you might think.
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6 Interesting Versions Of Cyclops Across The Multiverse

Not all the versions of Cyclops have the glowing resume of the one we know and love.
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Capcom To Announce Ultimate Marvel Versus Capcom 3: Uncanny Edition At Evo 2012?

The new package will include new characters, modes and new modes for certain characters.
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Comic Review: Avengers vs X-Men #5

Avengers - CHECK. X-Men - CHECK. The Moon - Check. Who's missing? The Phoenix. Here it comes.
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Comic Review: X-Men Schism #5 - End of the X-Men As We Know It!

Overall with all of its warts Schism did the job it set out to do, the team has split, a new status quo has been established for all of its books and is a well executed jumping on point for new readers.…
By Jamie Slough

The 10 Weirdest Save Points In Gaming History

Gamers today are often wrapped in the cotton wool blanket of auto-saving and liberal checkpoints. Yet in the early days of gaming saving was a rare beast. In between these two extremes is a mechanic that is becoming increasingly rare in the games of today, the save point...…
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