8 X-Men Characters You Didn't Realise Had Died

Comic book death means nothing to these X-Men. Chances are you forgot they even died at all!

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Marvel Comics

In your life, you've probably heard that death is no laughing matter. But what ig you were to discover that there is a world where death means absolutely nothing at all. Well, welcome to the wonderful world of comics! Specifically X-Men comics, where death has become so mundane you actually forget that some of your favorite characters have spent time six feet under.

The fact of the matter is that a lot of major comics icons have died over the years. Actually, you'd be harder pressed to find any major characters who haven't. But some character deaths are a little more memorable than others. Whether that's due to bad storylines, speedy resurrections, or just plain not liking a character, there a lot of reasons to forget a death here and there.

The killing off of a character used to be a huge, attention-grabbing event that was on the top of everyone's must-read list. Nowadays, most comic book fans are aware that the death of a character just means the character will be shelved for a couple of years before making yet another miraculous recovery. Publishers are lucky to get a collective eyeroll at the news of a beloved character's passing. Funny how that works.

Today, let's look at the X-deaths that never really left an impact and are only remembered in the dark recesses of our brains.

8. Multiple Man

cyclops marvel
Marvel Comics

Jamie Madrox, aka the Multiple Man, really came into his own in Peter David's X-Factor. David's '90s series run and subsequent reboot in 2005 gave Madrox a lot of much needed character development. And that's why his death is so strange.

Without getting into too much context, at the aptly named Death of X storyline the Inhumans sent clouds they call Terrigen Mist around the world to awaken dormant Inhumans. The problem is the mist was found to be poisonous to mutants, creating an inevitable conflict between the two groups.

Jamie Madrox was killed by the Terrigen Mist in 2016 as setup for the conflict. That in itself isn't that strange. Plenty of important characters are killed as fodder for crossover storylines. What is strange is that Jamie was killed in a single page as exposition.

Madrox wasn't being used in any X-books at the time. The mixture of his rather unceremonious death and his infrequent usage caused a lot of people to miss his death entirely.


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