10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About Cyclops

There's a lot more to Scott Summers than flashy eye beams and dead wife's.

Cyclops Optic Blast
Marvel Comics

Scott Summers is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most misunderstood members of the Marvel Universe.

Seen by a vast majority of fans as the vanilla flavored X-Man, there really isn't a lot of love for the one-eyed wonder and that's a shame. Peel away the layers and what lies underneath is one of the more complex characters to ever fall from the minds of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

He spent the last half of a century pretty much carrying the team on his back, always being the one to make the toughest of choices whenever the situation arises. And sure, he's not as cool an anti-hero as Wolverine, or as smooth as Gambit, but every team of heroes needs that one person that can keep the rest in line and keep their eyes on the prize.

But still, comic book aficionados the whole world over look at him like something they need to scrape off their shoes, instead of the true franchise player that he is.

He might not be perfect, but it's high-time the leader of the X-Men was treated differently.

10. He's A Bad Leader

Cyclops Optic Blast
Marvel Comics

It's a common misconception that Cyclops isn't very good at his job. But considering that he's been leading the X-Men in one various guise or another for the past 54 years, it's safe to say that particular idea is way off the mark.

Being one of the original members of Professor X's dream team, he has had to shoulder the responsibility as their leader during some of the most traumatic events in their history. Through the likes of Onslaught, Age of Apocalypse, and Civil War, the one-eyed wonder has been the cornerstone of the squad, holding them together and, inevitably, leading them to victory most of the time.

Under his strategic guidance, they have seen off Sentinals, Super Villains, and all manners of cosmic threats to the planet. Yet, when people talk about him, he's still seen as the weakest link in the team.

How many other heroes do you know that could continually manage to save the day, when everything else around them is falling apart? How many times has he had to perform such miracles when he's either been A: mourning the death of Jean, or B; coming to terms with the fact she's alive, again.

A lot.


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