6 Interesting Versions Of Cyclops Across The Multiverse

Not all the versions of Cyclops have the glowing resume of the one we know and love.

We often find ourselves asking "what if?" when faced with important decisions that can have varying outcomes. The comic world is no different, with creators constantly asking themselves that very same question in order to explore certain characters in bold new ways. Alternate realities and timelines are usually the easiest device to introduce some of these various interpretations of the characters, which offer limitless opportunities to take these heroes in new directions. Marvel has spent a lot of time examining the different realities that make up their multiverse in a number of specials and series. In 1977, What If...? offered the omniscient being known as Uatu the Watcher, who narrated a number of stories that took a look at what the other fork in the road had to offer. Cyclops and the X-Men have featured in these tales often, which is unsurprising considering nine volumes of the series have been released, as well as numerous other titles like Exiles and X-Treme X-Men that have all mapped out a unique and exciting multiverse. Cyclops is one such character who happens to have a number of unique and interesting variations to his character. With enough exploration of the Marvel multiverse we can find heroic, villainous, male, female, serious, and -- well, more serious versions of Scott Summers, all with the same steadfast determination and steely resolve that defines the character in any form. We are going to take a look across the multiverse at some of the most interesting versions of Cyclops floating around the multiverse. But first, let's take a look at the Cyclops we all know and love (or hate...):
MAINSTREAM UNIVERSE (EARTH-616) - The mainstream 616 is the universe we read about in the comics, where all of our favorite Marvel characters don tights and spend a ridiculous amount of time fighting other people in tights. Unless otherwise specified in the story, pretty much all of your weekly issues from Marvel will take place in the 616 universe. Scott Summers AKA Cyclops is a founding member of the X-Men, a team of mutants who fight for the day when humanity will no longer hate and fear them. As leader of the team, Scott has played a part in almost every major mutant event, and is a respected member of the super hero community. Scott has had a few relationships over the years, with the big names of course being Jean Grey and more recently Emma Frost. His brother Alex is the Avenger known as Havok, and he has two time-displaced children, Rachel Grey and Nathan Summers AKA Cable. Cyclops has been a brother, a husband, a father, a saviour, and the leader of all mutantkind. Of course, not all the versions of Cyclops have the same glowing resume...
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