10 Worst Things Cyclops Has Ever Done

Have you considered maybe not cheating on Jean, Scott?!

Marvel Comics

Scott Summers is generally someone who likes to think of himself as a good guy, which makes his wrongdoings all the more interesting, because it means that all of his worst deeds are still things that he can find some way to justify. While you'd expect that this means Cyclops hasn't committed many wrongful acts, it's almost the complete opposite, as the hero is somehow capable of convincing himself that having a telepathic affair - or even killing his oldest friend - is totally fine.

With focus generally being put on how 'boring' Scott is, the fact that he continually excuses his own terrible actions often goes overlooked. There are many things you can say about a man who takes his child to fight monsters, but none of them involve calling him boring.

It almost seems as though this perception of Cyclops being dull has been made in order to ignore all the 'interesting' things he has done, because nearly all of them involve him being fairly awful.

But this is a cheap cop-out, as Scott is arguably at his most interesting when he's more morally questionable. While he can't be straight-up evil and still lead the X-Men, there's no harm in letting the guy have the questionable history that past writers have supplied him with...


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