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Looper: 5 Things That Made It Best Film Of 2012

By Luke Stevenson

Looper Review: Rian Johnson Does Indie Time Travel

By T.J. Barnard

Looper Analysis: Deconstructing Its Time Travel

By Kevan Roche

Looper Review: An Ingenious Thriller

Our second take on Rian Johnson's mind-bending sci-fi thriller.
By Jonathan Hogberg

Looper Review: A Few Loops Short of a Great Film

Looper is a half baked disappointment: a jumble of ideas that tries but fails to be something original, deep and genre defying.…
By Adam Rayner

Your Sister's Sister Review - Solid Performances But Predictable & Flat

Your Sister's Sister sadly fails to rise above an off-off Broadway production.
By Adam Rayner

Looper Gets New Trailer, Bruce Willis Says It's Best Thing He's Ever Done

A second teaser trailer for Rian Johnson's high-concept sci-fi action thriller 'Looper' has been released and further states the claim that this is going to be one of the year's best and coolest movies.…
By Luke Stevenson

The Five-Year Engagement Review: A Hilarious, Grown-Up Rom-Com

This is a grown-up rom-com that incredibly doesn’t outstay its welcome despite a meaty runtime, because Blunt and Segel create charming characters who are easy to root for.…
By Shaun Munro

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Review: Quaint Comedy With Great Chemistry

A bizarre and original comedy which offsets its narrative flaws with prevailing chemistry between Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor.…
By Shaun Munro

Looper Trailer Review

Hollywood, it seems, has been spending too much time watching its own movies...
By Luke Stevenson