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10 Superheroes Who Changed Identities For The Better

Sometimes a new name and a change of costume can make all the difference.
By Andrew Young

9 DC TV Shows That Need To Happen

There's no question that The Question should have his own series...
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10 Times Superheroes Totally Failed‏

Even Earth's Mightiest Heroes drop the ball every now and then...
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Justice League Movie: 10 Alternate Heroes We'd Love To See

The Justice League could be so much more than just Batman and Superman.
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Batman Arkham Knight: 10 Heroic Characters We Want To See

With a bigger game comes the chance for even more of the Bat-family to appear.
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DC #0s - Nightwing and Red Hood Review - The DC 52 Reboot of Robins

Two issue #0s this week focus on some Bat-history and give us some Robin clarifications...
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Comic Review: Batman #11 - Plus Court of Owls Series Wrap Up

The Court of Owls leave Gotham for now. Marcus looks at the final chapter and the series as a…
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Comic Review: Nightwing #9

Nightwing fights his grandad to save Gotham city. Seriously.
By Marcus Doidge

Comic Review: Nightwing #8 Night Of The Owls Prelude

The Night of the Owls begins with this prelude issue...
By Marcus Doidge

Game Hates You Podcast #1 - Modern Warfare 3, Gears of War 3 & More

Topics range from Germaine Greer in Gears of War 3, the infinitely talented(/less) Nolan North,…
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