Noel Gallagher


Gallagher Bros Quiz: Who Sang It - Noel Gallagher Or Liam Gallagher?

Ten lyrics from the solo careers of the brothers that brought us Oasis.
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10 Moments That Prove Noel Gallagher Is A Genius

"I love our kid. Just not as much as I love Pot Noodles."
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Noel Gallagher was snapped hugging former pop rival Damon Albarn after this week's Brit Awards…
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Noel Gallagher's Freaky Teeth Isn't Title Track of James Bond's SKYFALL

Former Oasis man denies that his unproduced track will be used as the main theme to the 23rd…
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‘Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ is a solid album and has some great anthems on it,…
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Noel Gallagher tells the world the reasons behind the London riots. Finally a professional…
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