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Indiana Jones 5: 10 Actors Who Could Replace Shia LeBeouf

We've got some better ideas than bringing Shia LaBeouf's Mutt Williams back.
By Baz Greenland

17 Hollywood Names You Still Don't Know How To Pronounce Properly

Seriously: it's time to stop saying "M. Night Shyalamadingdong."
By WhatCulture

10 Most Punchable Faces In Hollywood

By Noel Thorne

The Company You Keep Review: Slowly Wandering To Nowhere

A staggeringly dull effort with such a flawed concept, idiotic writing and poor construction…
By David Braga

Lawless Review: Were The Cast and Crew On Moonshine?

Failing on the most fundamental levels of storytelling and filmmaking, this is a massive missed…
By Adam Rayner

Lawless Review: Blood, Booze, and Bullets Make For a Fun But Familiar Movie

A fun, bloody, piece of entertainment, but it never connects in a way that makes an impact.
By Jeremy Sollie

Transformers 4 Teaser Poster - "Evil Will Burn"

Dreamworks has unleashed this haunting image of Optimus Prime glaring down at us mere humans…
By Ramin Shabestari

Cannes 2012: John Hillcoat's 'Lawless' Gets Awesome Trailer

Tom Hardy, Guy Pearce and Gary Oldman steal the show in Hillcoat's prohibition gangster movie…
By Matt Holmes

New Line Revive 'Y: The Last Man'

New writers hired to start over on new adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn’s much loved Vertigo…
By Nick Savvides

Michael Bay Returns To Direct Transformers 4 For June 29th 2014

Bay has also made a deal to direct Transformers 5, but he will make his modest scaled crime…
By Matt Holmes