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10 Famous Movie Characters You Didn't Know Were Based On Real People

It turns out The Big Lebowski may be one of the most realistic movies ever made.
By Jacob Trowbridge

10 Actors Who Went Uncredited For Major Film Roles (And Why)

Major Hollywood filmmaking is a peculiar business.
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8 Actors You Didn't Know Secretly Directed Films

Edward Norton loves the directing process... even when he's just meant to be acting.
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10 Insane Rumours For Upcoming Superhero Movies

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20 Things You Didn't Know About Eyes Wide Shut

Kidman, Cruise and nudity: 20 things you didn't know about Kubrick's masterpiece Eyes Wide…
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10 Best Opening Scenes From Movie Sequels

From the setting the tone, to peaking too early, not all opening movie scenes are equal.
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13 Brilliant Plot Twists That Couldn't Quite Save Terrible Movies

So close, yet so far away from redemption.
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7 Classic Disney Characters You Had No Idea Were Modelled On Real People

Tom Cruise took you to a whole new world, apparently.
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10 Movies That Started As Something Else Entirely

Yes, even that Se7en sequel.
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Film Quiz: Who Was In It - Brad Pitt Or Tom Cruise?

Mr. Smith or Ethan Hunt? Gerry Lane or Ray Ferrier? Jack Reacher or Benjamin Button?
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