10 Best Sketch Comedy Series Of All Time

9. The Carol Burnett Show

Not only does The Carol Burnett Show deserve to be on a list of the greatest sketch comedy series of all time, it's frequently included on lists of the greatest TV series of all time. If you want to talk about building legends, look no further than this show.

The show and its star inspired more than a few comedians to get into the business over the years.

The Carol Burnett Show hit the airwaves in 1967 and remained there until 1978. Naturally, it starred the queen of comedy, Carol Burnett alongside Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, briefly Dick Van Dyke, and the recently deceased Lyle Waggoner.

The series was famous for skewering pop culture of the era through fantastic parodies. Like most sketch shows, this one also featured guest stars for specific bits. While some of the pop culture gags might be lost on modern viewers, that doesn't change the fact that the comedy is great and the show is still hilarious. It holds up more than 40 years after going off the air.

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