10 Doctor Who Big Finish Moments That Will SHOCK You

8. The Girl Who Never Was - "Sorry, I Was Expecting Someone Else"

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The Girl Who Never Was produces many twists and turns for the final adventure of the Eighth Doctor and his original Big Finish companion Charlotte 'Charley' Pollard. The final adventure for the Eighth Doctor and Charley sees the pair taking on the Cybermen, resulting in the Edwardian adventuress being displaced in time and thinking the Doctor is dead.

At the close of the story, after sending out a distress signal, Charley hears the hopeful sound of the TARDIS materialising. But after saying she knew he'd come back, she learns this Doctor is not quite the one she expects, and the story closes with the 1986 theme tune...

Following into Charley's next adventure, the Condemned, we of course learn this Doctor is the Sixth, which means Charley is encountering a Doctor before he originally meets her. This lead to a great mystery for the Doctor as his travelling companion was very well informed of how the whole companion gig works, but gave very little back in terms of her own history. Whilst The Girl Who Never Was ends the Eighth Doctor and Charley era, a whole new one begins for the companion, who has been a bit of an enigma since her debut.

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